Friday, December 20, 2019

The Lighter Side of Weight Loss: Chapter Twenty-seven

The Lighter Side of Weight Loss                           
By Sandra Warholic Seeley

Chapter Twenty-seven

Road trips and belly laughs shared with a favorite sister are priceless. For example, we recently drove from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, a quick two hour trip. We were in the slow lane when out of nowhere a car passed us (flying low). My sister said, “Wow! I didn’t see that coming!” At the same time, we both realized the car was completely covered in camouflage paint. It felt wonderful to laugh in unison for an extended period of time. In fact, I still chuckle to myself when I think about it. Also, I think “chuckle” is a funny word. Did I just write a double entendre (not the smutty kind) or make a pun? Either way, this is one reason I write - to amuse myself, and hopefully, you, too. I just want to add that I got my humorous gene from my sister. She’s younger than me, but that’s the way humor genes roll.

How is this myWW related you may ask? Well, I started thinking about all the times in life that events or people come into our lives at the most unexpected times. A person could be an angel in camouflage, either literally or figuratively speaking. I’d love to see St. Michael the Archangel in full army gear. Perhaps I have. These thoughts make me think of WW’s mindset. How do we react to rude people we encounter when we are out and about, especially at this time of the year? Was my parking spot “stolen” before I could claim it? Do I get so angry at things beyond my control that I go home to eat the whole enchilada? It’s only 8 smart points, right?

Why not laugh at rudeness, parking spot thieves, long lines, gridlock, politics (not going there), weather, even if only you can hear the sound of it underneath your babushka (when was the last time you heard that word?). I recently heard a man tell someone in a grocery store to “move your dupa!” I laughed out loud. Now when I want someone to move their_ _ _, my mind inserts the word “dupa” and I’m laughing instead of thinking about Spanish goodies or French pastries or Italian pasta. My appetite is an international wonder!

I truly believe that laughter uses up calories and anger. It’s the best anger management tool invented by woman (probably). So on your next road trip (local mall), you can hire my sister or me to go with you. We guarantee funny results. Price is negotiable.

Until next week, embrace the unexpected with laughter and be happier.

Sandra Warholic Seeley - All my life, and half of someone else's, I have lived in a humorous place called Earth. My muse is a tiny menehune from the island of Oahu in Hawaii where I lived for a year. Ernest Hemingway once sat under the exact same coconut tree where I did most of my writing. I'm also a sensitive to criticism Virgo who loves to get paid for writing and speaking funny stuff. Even though my mind is filled with volcanic ash residue and I'm still finding sand in my shorts, I will continue to write until my muse retires or I run out of pretty blue drinks, whichever comes first. Don't be bashful, email the author.

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  1. I still chuckle about the camo car comment too. So glad we amuse each other :-) Your words are so true. Much better to laugh than cry. An angel in camo appeared to me today as a fellow patron at our local hair salon. She said she was a baker and had brought in a couple of nut rolls for her stylist. Lucky stylist! I was lamenting to her how our Mom's recipes, including nut roll and cold dough, never turn out quite like Mom's. The angel baker gave me some great suggestions, which I have noted and will try. I thanked her and went away so happy that we had talked. And maybe she was also happy to have passed on some of her wisdom.


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