Monday, August 19, 2019

The Lighter Side of Weight Loss: Chapter Ten

The Lighter Side of Weight Loss
By Sandra Warholic Seeley

Chapter Ten

I believe it was Ben Franklin who once said, “ If you work the WW Plan, the Plan works!” This quote led me to do some research on Ben. I discovered that he was the 15th of 17 children. He was an American polymath. If you know what a polymath is, I’m very proud of you. I also discovered that someone asked if Ben Franklin is dead. I am not proud of that person!

But a very much deceased BF inspired me to work the Plan this week. I’m going to plan for covert snack attacks. Snacks are stealthy by nature. They will sneak up on you when you least expect them to pounce. For example, sometimes I will prepare healthy snacks ahead of the attack. But too many times, I did not plan for the secondary attack, when I still want a snack after just finishing a snack. So this week I’m going to plan for the one-two punch. Watch out junk food for my left lead followed by my deadly right cross. Then I’m going to track the snack.

Note to self: Enlightened Ice Cream Bars make great 6sp snacks. Two EICB’s (Enlightened Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) in a row make me wonder what the heck is wrong with me. I’m being attacked by incoming missiles, and not taking cover. That’s just plain stupid. Therefore, my strategy this week is to replace a snack that I crave with a snack that I crave less. I’m going to have to give this some serious thought in the next few hours before breakfast wears off. My secondary strategy is not to be stupid.

My favorite WW coach, Kathy, talked about tracking snack amnesia. Oh no, I think I have this disease! When I have two EICB’s in a row, I only track one. Is it amnesia or stupidity, again? Can one die of amnesia? In this case, I think the answer is “Yes!”

In the course of my research, another illiterate person asked, “Who killed Ben Franklin?” I will answer that question. Franklin died of pleurisy at age 84. And I do not want to die of amnesia at any age!

Let’s all turn that stealthy frown upside down to a healthy smile.

Until next week, be smarter and happier!

Sandra Warholic Seeley - All my life, and half of someone else's, I have lived in a humorous place called Earth. My muse is a tiny menehune from the island of Oahu in Hawaii where I lived for a year. Ernest Hemingway once sat under the exact same coconut tree where I did most of my writing. I'm also a sensitive to criticism Virgo who loves to get paid for writing and speaking funny stuff. Even though my mind is filled with volcanic ash residue and I'm still finding sand in my shorts, I will continue to write until my muse retires or I run out of pretty blue drinks, whichever comes first. Don't be bashful, email the author.

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