Monday, June 29, 2015

What's the Point?

Los Angeles has its famous Hollywood sign, but Pittsburgh South has the world renowned WILLOWPOINTE sign. What, you may ask lies behind this natural wonder? The answer is: The Center for Fitness and Health where Kanela spends much of her time doing cardio, circuit training and swimming. Losing weight is neither easy nor funny. Not losing weight while doing C, CT and S can be hilarious.

For example, did you ever try to watch The Dr. Oz Show on TV in a locker room while a naked lady got dressed in front of you? (I know, you wish this would happen to you!) Trust me, she was a naked lady of ample proportions and little modesty. I may be traumatized for life.

After a month at the gym, I lifted over 40,000 pounds and earned 3,000 reward points for this accomplishment. Once I reach the first reward level of 30,000 points, my prize is a bottle of water! What's funny is that I'm working like a nut case to earn that H2O. Hey, I'm thirsty!

I recently purchased a Weight Watchers (WW) Activity Monitor. It was to be worn continuously for the first 8 days during an assessment period. (I hate tests.) This supplies a base line of your activity. You can even wear it in the shower or swimming pool. Next step: plug it into your computer.Third step: Wear it every day. Try to beat your base line. (Good luck with that!)  Finally, plug it back into your computer for bar graphs and daily data analysis.

Here's the funny part. In my first week, I logged 150 minutes on the recumbent bike (24 miles), 3 hours of swimming and brutal (slight exaggeration) weight machine work-outs. I earned 1 Activity Point for the week which translates into 1 extra WW food point. That translated into perhaps 1 peanut beyond my weekly allotment of food.

So here's my solution. I'm going to attach the Activity Monitor to my faithful assistant, Wolfgang. He'll run around like crazy. I'll eat his extra WW points.

This will really confuse the WW app on my Smartphone. It's already puzzled from the time I scanned the Bar Code on Wolfgang's treat bag to figure out the points, in case I chose to eat them. I expect a reprimand soon for consuming too many Blue Buffalo Blueberry Yogurt treats. In my defense, the scanner indicated 0 points!

In conclusion, the final score is Kanela: 1 point, Gym: Way Ahead!

But who's counting?

Sandra Warholic Seeley is the creator and author of Kanela's Korner and The Sandra Seeley Column. She is a lifelong educator who has taught in Hawaii, where Kanela was born; Bethel Park, where her 3 children were born and in the inner city schools of Pittsburgh Public where her passion for the underprivileged began. Kanela's Korner is often 95% fiction and 5% fact, leaving the reader to do the math. Her motto is: Funny or not, here I come! Her faithful assistant, Wolfgang, is always by her side. He looks just like a black Lab and works for treats. To contact the author, click the following link.

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