Monday, March 12, 2012

Winning by Losing

What do Jennifer Hudson, Charles Barkley, and Kanela have in common? If you guessed that we all play basketball for a living, you would be incorrect. If you guessed that we all count points, you would earn 26 to 29 Weight Watcher points depending on your flexibility.

I have unofficially appointed myself as the official WW spokesperson for women over 50. I consider this a non-scale related victory, so I'm also awarding myself a Bravo Star Sticker (BSS). FYI, I once received a BSS for not sulking when I didn't earn a BSS. Trust me, you could say anything and still get a BSS. For example:

Kanela: I had impure thoughts about an Almond Joy candy bar.

WW Leader: Bravo to you Kanela. Stick this star on your coconut brain and say 3 Hail Marys.

Kanela: The steering wheel in my car doesn't rub my stomach when driving anymore.

WW Leader: Bravo to you Kanela. Stick this star on your bucket and move it forward so your foot reaches the gas pedal.

However, I didn't earn a BSS that one week because I didn't open my mouth to say anything. I was actually afraid that points would fly in if I spoke!

So here's my Game Plan. For one month, I'm going to do everything WW has taught me. I'm going to track all of my healthy choices in foods, attend meetings, drink plenty of water, spritz Omega 3's on edible plants and then edible them, and savor one Centrum Silver for Women a day. I think it was Ben Franklin who said, "A vitamin a day keeps scurvy away." Believe me, I know from experience that scurvy is not attractive on women over 50. It itches! It also attracts sailors, who are neither officers nor gentlemen!

After one month, I'm going to report back to you with a scale-related victory. When I acquire enough scale-related victories, I'll reveal the face and body of Kanela to you.

Please email words of encouragement, BSS's, and offers of syndication to WW

Each comment will earn you 1 BSS. Start your own collection today.

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  1. I love your approach to WW with humor. Good luck with your collection of BSS's and may they bring you peace and joy without the calories of the Almond Joy!


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