Monday, September 21, 2009

Ghosts of Birthdays Past, Present, and Future

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday the 13th, back in the day, Kanela came out laughing hysterically at some "inside"joke. Doctors were mildly amused.(only recently have they been in touch with their funny bones). Mom giggled groggily and Dad raised me up, Rafiki like, in his extended arms and presented me to the fluorescent lights. So from the day I arrived on this planet and stepped into the light bulbs, I was filled with funny fluorescence and just couldn't wait to be Kanela. Go Daddy! (Not to be confused with Go

September 13th of 2009 was Bobblehead Kanela Day at PNC Park. The Pittsburgh Pirates were originally scheduled to play the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park, but the game was moved to Pittsburgh in my honor. I motivationally spoke like a pirate to the crowd of one during the 7th inning stretch and preached my no worries, problem-free philosophy to the team and fan. They sang "Hakuna Matata" to me and in lieu of innumerable birthday cake candles, Paul Maholm blew out my bobblehead with a 100 mph fastball pitch to match the Pirates soon to be 100 games lost.

September 13, 2039 again falls on a Friday. I anticipate a Virgo-esque birthday celebration. This will entail howling at the moon and doing it compulsively perfectly. I am the quintessential Virgo: feminine, introverted, earthy, perfectionist. I get along well with myself! And ironically,the Sanskrit name of Virgo in Hindu astrology is Kanya (Kanela)!

So as the Circle of Life continues, I realize there is light at the end of the tunnel. If it doesn't happen to be shining in mine, I'll just enter another's tunnel!

If you didn't feel the love in this article enough to leave a comment, no worries. I'm going to make a note to self. Be sure to read my comments to Kanela @

Happy 92nd birthday to Supermom!

By-the-way, I would like to publicly thank Charlie Brown for bringing the whole Peanuts Gang to my ballgame birthday celebration. Buy me and yourself some Peanuts! You're a good bobblehead, Charlie Brown!

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  1. Where are your posts from 9/28 and 10/5? I need something to do at work (on my lunch break, of course).


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