Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Survey Slacker

Hyundai TiburonHyundai makes a classy Tiburon, but their marketing people are running on empty.

First of all, let me tell you I loathe taking surveys. Even though the South Korean delegation doesn't know this, they sent me a dollar ( well, it was really a "won" ) along with a customer satisfaction survey. I guess they were hoping to entice this customer to reveal her opinions about her latest automotive purchase.

I pocketed the dollar and tossed the survey, feeling only slightly guilty.

Two weeks later, another dollar (Euro) arrived with another survey. Now I was two won/Euros richer and formed some strong opinions about not answering the questions.

Two weeks later, I received my third "Don't Take This Survey" dollar (peso). This situation so reminds me of my "Don't Plant Corn" money! But, I have yet to receive a penny for not doing that! See my article, Does Anyone Else...?

Now I'm taking a survey. If anyone out there in Readerland can answer the next three questions, I will consolidate all of my unanswered surveys, put them in forbearance due to intellectual hardship, and answer them all exactly one year from today:

1. Who manufactures Hyundai?
A. South Korea, Kia, Mazda, GM, Spain, Ethnic Albania
B. All of the above, some of the above, none of the above, part of each one of the above
C. Menehunes in Hawaii

2. Give me one good reason why I should complete Hyundai's questionnaire if they keep paying me not to complete it.

3. How do I get out of completing online work-related surveys, when the IT Wizards know how to find me?

I've owned this Tiburon for 6 months, but did not realize until recently that in espanol "Tiburon" means shark! I'm driving a shark! Hola! Here's my opinion:
I don't like sharks! They are scary! Adios.

Email comments, questionnaire answers, or currency in any form to this survey slacker @ sandraseeley.com.

Six final thoughts:
  • Don't throw away junk mail, it may contain Tibby (what we Tiburon drivers affectionately call our vehicles) dollars.
  • XM Satellite Radio offers keep getting better if you don't subscribe immediately.
  • 1 won = 0.000978 US dollars
  • 1 Euro = 1.5401 US dollars
  • 1 peso = 0.098049 US dollars
  • When purchasing items in a foreign country, just say, "Here's all my money. Take what you need!" It's easier than doing the math.

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