Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid Moments

Y E SYES, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but the biggest one of all might be revealing them to you. "Why tell Readerland?" you may ask. I may answer, "Because Readerland is there!" Here are a few of my more stellar stupid moments.

While vacationing in Lake Worth, Florida one summer day, I forgot to close my wide open car trunk at the beach. Seven hours later, I returned to the car only to find nothing was missing. My purse with hundreds of dollars in cash, credit cards of many hues and banks, and American Express Travelers Checks of many denominations did not leave the trunk without me. My 35mm Nikon camera also did not go missing. In my defense, I'm stupid!

I once asked a New York taxi cab driver how to pronounce his name. It was pronounced "John"! In my defense, I couldn't read his writing on his hand written business card and thought it was "Yasim".

I also gave Yasim the $2 tip money intended for the skycap at LaGuardia Airport and gave the skycap the $40 tip money intended for Yasim. Luckily for Yasim, I still had his business card and was able to call him back on his cell phone immediately. But not before snatching $40 back from an amazed skycap. I don't think Yasim wants to see me again. In my defense, it was a stressful day.

Once and only once did I delete all the faxes, not pertaining to me, from my customer sales and service cubicle computer at Verizon Wireless. I ignored all the "What happened to my fax?" shrieks bellowing from surrounding cubicles. In my defense, I did not know this would happen and just wanted to clear up the clutter. Also, I hate getting "Your mailbox is over its size limit" messages. If my former supervisor from VZW reads this, my co-worker, Yasim actually did this - not me.

Yes you can Email your Stupid Moment or Stupid Comment to Yasim E. Smith today.

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