Friday, March 24, 2006

Beyond Bad Taste

Can You Hear Me Now?

by: Kanela

We are all quite aware of the usual annoying cell phone users: in cars, supermarkets, movies, and restaurants. What I have observed lately has reached a new low of inconsiderate behavior.

What phone call is more urgent than the call of nature? I'm talking about people calling me, a complete stranger just sitting in my work cube waiting for incoming calls, while at the same time forcing me to accompany them to the bathroom. Talk about multi-tasking! Does this give them some sort of perverted pleasure or are they just plain stupid? Listen up, people. Cell phones have microphones built into them so other people can hear you. And that includes bodily noises and flushing toilets. "Can you hear me now?" takes on a whole new meaning.

My imagination starts working overtime. Some people are wearing hands free headsets, but where is the phone? Others are holding the phone to their ear, but how is the other hand managing without its partner? And why don't I hear you washing your hands afterwards? Mother would not be pleased with you. Remind me not to borrow your phone. I am not pleased with you either!

And frequently, I also hear splish splashing in a bathtub. It's certainly difficult to stay focused on my job when my customer is naked. I presume he/she is using a speakerphone or is that echoing effect my temper reaching its boiling point? As my temper gets hotter the bath water must be getting cooler because now I hear more water being added to the tub. Are you paying attention to me? Perhaps taking notes on the information you are calling about or jotting down my return phone number? Where do you keep your pen and paper? Can you spell "electrocution"?

Thinking about these toads getting their hands on picture phones worries me greatly. Will I have to do my job blindfolded? I think not. Humor in the work force is a good thing. "Can you see me now?"

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